Drop Gecko logo review

Why do we need Drop Gecko? Ecommerce is without doubt the most profitable online business today! Affiliate marketing is a close second, but we aren’t talking about that today!! To sell online, you won’t need a brick and mortar store – but you will need a web store. This will be where you will drive traffic from your Facebook ads to make people buy your product.

Using Shopify and Bigcommerce is not for everyone. And we all know how much it costs to buy many Shopify Apps. The Single Most IMPORTANT reason why so many people fail is because they are forced to spend their monthly budget on such stuff.

Would you like to use the power of all Shopify apps combined in one single app? For half the price? Then you have to try Drop Gecko!

DropGecko logo review

We got Drop Gecko review access from the creator Cindy Donovan, and it is worth checking out for any Shopify Seller.

What is Drop Gecko?

Drop Gecko in short is your eCommerce store builder just like Shopify. But instead of shelling out money every month, you get lifetime access. You can also use your subdomain or point Cname to your Domain Registrant.

Drop Gecko, allows you to import Drop-shipping Products directly from Ali express. And you can collect payment from PayPal or any other payment method you like. You can also choose which shipping methods you want. You can also build web page, deploy re-targeting and get a one click checkout. You can also upsell or create blog posts when using Drop Gecko.

Drop Gecko Snapshot:

  • Creator: Cindy Donovan
  • Product: Drop Gecko
  • Release Date: 2018-Sep-19
  • Release Time: 9:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $27
  • Sales Page: Click here
  • Niche: eCommerce

So, who should use Drop Gecko?

Drop Gecko is for eCommerce Sellers who want to begin selling with a limited budget. Are you a Facebook Ads marketer and Re-marketer? Get Drop Gecko.

… and it is perfect for ANYBODY who wants to make money selling physical products online, without having to deal with the setup hassles & sourcing product issues. You won’t have to worry about the delivery problems as well.  

This’s the most complete eCommerce store solution which we have seen till now! Drop shipping is just the beginning – go through our review and feature list to see why you should opt for Drop Gecko over Shopify, BigCommerce or Volusion.

How Does Drop Gecko Work?

The demo video of Drop Gecko explains how easy it is to make set up store and money start drop shipping and selling  – right from day 1.

Step 1: Select your niche & create a store.

Step 2: Import GUARANTEED verified AliExpress sellers at wholesale prices.

Step 3: Make more money selling with eCom than ever before!

Main Features and Benefits of Drop Gecko

So, let’s see how exactly it works. When you create your Drop Gecko account, you can add a custom sub domain name to your brand name.

Simply import the latest hot selling products from Ali express and insert upto 500 products using the easy import function. And just start selling! It’s that easy!!

But let’s look at each of Drop Gecko features one by one:

#1. Create and Sell ANY Product Type

Dropshipping is just the beginning, you can insert products as an affiliate or even sell digital download products. Everything is easily controlled in your admin dashboard

DropGecko product type review
Drop Gecko product type

#2. Personalized Domain Name

Drop Gecko stores are securely hosted by them. They give you a sub domain of your choice, but you have the freedom to use your own domain. This is also very easy to activate.

#3. No need for separate WordPress blog

Every Drop Gecko store comes with a pre installed blog which is SEO optimized. Anyone who has used a WordPress Blog knows how many plugins you need to install before you’re up and running!! Drop Gecko blog is super easy to use, will get you a ton of traffic, helping you to establish authority in your niche.

#4. Free Price Setter and Margin Manager

You can easily select the price you want to sell at, over your cost price (either dollar amount or the percentage), So easy to decide at what profit you want to sell at.

DropGecko MarkUp price review
Drop Gecko – set your MarkUp price


#5. Get More Sales with Drop Gecko Boosters

Real-time countdown timers, cart expiry timers, buy button flip ‘i deserve it’  are all features that will help you drive sales. These features are usually sold at a high premium by funnel and landing pages software – which you will get FREE.

#6. Easy Order Fulfillment

You’ll instantly get notified when you make a sale. Simply use the 1-click order fulfillment button and place an order with your supplier, forward all customer shipping details – and get order fulfilled. Everything at the click of a button!!

DropGecko easy order fulfillment review
Drop Gecko easy order fulfillment

#7. Custom Design

Countless options to choose your header and store design. Pro Plan members get an additional 5 to select from. You can even purchase any marketplace designs that you like.

#8. Retargeting Ready

Did you know that re-targeting is what results in maximum sales? You can insert your re-targeting pixel to ensure that you get your sales offer in front of your audiences at the lowest cost possible.

#9. Multiple Payment Options

You can easily get payments through your Paypal account. If you opt for the Pro Plan you can also use Stripe, Braintree, 2CO & many more payment options.

DropGecko payment options review
Drop Gecko payment options

#10. More revenue From One-Click Upsells

Your customers will have a smooth buying experience for their customers, who will not leave your site with an abandoned cart. You can also make quick upsells to increase your revenue per customer.

#11. Shipping Methods

You can choose your delivery method. Also, you can choose if you want to charge customers for delivery or pay for it yourself. Pro members can even connect it with Shippo allowing customers to pickup packages at designated locations.

DropGecko features review
Drop Gecko features

Drop Gecko Plans and Sales Funnels of Drop Gecko

All software products have their upsells and Drop Gecko is no different.

OTO 1: Get Drop Gecko Pro ($19.97/month or $97/year or $197/one time)

What you will get in this plan:

  • Selling ready Professional looking & hosted webstore.
  • Seamless integration with verified product suppliers of ANY niche.
  • Great discounted prices which allow you to provide your customers with the lowest price.
  • Choose your own profit margin/markup & pocket all the profits!
  • Chrome extension which gives you One-Click order fulfillment.
DropGecko Pro benefits review
Drop Gecko Pro benefits

OTO 2 : Gecko Mail Membership ($27/month or $197/year)

What you will get with this:

  • One-Click solution to fully managed email marketing. No setups, no configurations, – with all emails being fully customised to your brand store and with your name. Personalised product upsells recommendations for customers.
  • Access to Drop Gecko’s sister-site, Covert Commissions, which is normally a $27/m fee.
  • Free pass to attend the weekly live training webinars, and use of the affiliate marketing side.
DropGecko mail membership review
Drop Gecko mail membership

OTO 3 : Drop Gecko Agency ($67/year and $97/one time)

  • Create up to 10 new shop per month.
  • Allows customers to create their own shops and flip them. It will even show you how to do this– turning your viral stores into even higher ticket income streams.

OTO 4 : Drop Gecko Reseller License ($297)

  • An upgrade which is like an affiliate with 100% commissions for FE and 50% commissions for recurring option.
DropGecko reseller license benefits review
Drop Gecko reseller license benefits


#1. Affordable Price Plans

You get a complete end-to-end eCommerce solution at a fraction of the price.

#2. Hosting with Own Domain

Get your own professional looking domain name with custom design, which is cloud website hosting with security.

#3. Fast Page Loading

Don’t lose any more customers, with pre loaded pages that will help you to load your website very fast.

#4. Easy to Import Product

You can choose from thousands of products to sell from from pre verified Aliexpress suppliers.


#5. Multiple Shipping and Dropshipping Methods

Don’t get restricted to a single shipping method – you can choose from many options.

#6. Accept Paypal, Stripe and Visa Mastercard Payment

Don’t lose any customers with so many different payment options to pay from.

#7. Built-in blogposts builder

Don’t spend a single penny on a separate WordPress blog. Drop Gecko has SEO optimized blogs set up for you.

#8. Integration with Email Auto responder

No need to spend any money on email auto responders like Aweber and CovertKit. You can simply use Drop Geckos integrated and ready to run email autoresponder.



Every product has its pros and cons. Here are Drop Gecko’s cons.

#1. Expensive Upsells Funnels

Yes, this is a small inconvenience which you have to keep in mind. But always remember – You Get What You Pay For. So, if you want the best services, be ready to shell out a little.

#2. More Than 1 Store License is only for Upsells

This is another limitation you may have to work with – but it doesn’t really affect you in the short run. So start your store and when you’re established you can think of upgrading.

Final Verdict 

Drop Gecko is a great product and is worth buying for any ecommerce seller or marketer on the internet. It’s available at a great price point, which can help you to realistically sell products. I love the professional looking shops hosted with custom domain and subdomain name. It is absolutely the best alternative for Shopify and any other such Ecommerce Platform. So, go ahead and try Drop Gecko today!!

It’s a great deal. But should I invest today? What if it doesn’t live up to my expectations? What if I change my mind?

Your investment is entirely without risk. Drop Gecko is giving a 30-day Money Back Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with it for any reason within the first 30 days, you can simply get a full refund. So you’ve really got nothing to lose, do you? What Are You Waiting for, take Drop Gecko out for a spin and get The Following Bonus

Now !


Drop Gecko










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